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Research Disclaimer

Last Updated Jan-2009

The information presented in the Family Names section of our web site is compiled from a few key secondary resourcesnote - Gordon Day, Fanny Hardy Eckstorm, Colin Calloway, Tanguay Dictionary, etc., our own research using microfilmed primary document collections note - census records, some parish records, and a few other primary sources such as the Durham Land Grant court records, and some family contributed materialsnote - oral history, artifacts, genealogies, etc. concerning Wabanaki Families during the period of 1750 to 1900. We DO NOT have access to tribal documents or tribal genealogies.

Our work is by no means complete or certified in any way and should only be used as a "map of possibilities" when researching a possible connection to any of these family names. In most cases, Ne-do-Ba has a great deal more information and sometimes conflicting information for these family names. If you believe you have a connection to one of these family names, please write to us for assistance. We would be pleased to share what we know and perhaps assist you in making a connection.

When contacting us - please be as specific as possible as to how and where you believe you might connect. Be advised, we can not assist if you only provide a name without dates, locations, or names of other family members.

We are not able to provide certified documentation. However, in some cases we may be able to help you locate it.

Individuals are welcome to use information found on these pages for their own genealogy work. When publishing any family genealogy that includes information from our web pages on your web site or in other digital formats, it is suggested you provide a direct link to the page of our web site rather than copying the information into your work. If you publish on paper or choose to copy our work into your work you are agreeing to properly cite Ne-Do-Ba as the source of the compiled information. It is also suggested you include a link to the proper page of our web site or our home page. Any other use of our compiled family information is strictly prohibited without prior written permission.

We do not get involved with issues of tribal registration - that is between you and the tribe you are seeking registration with. The Federal Governments of the U.S. and Canada have specific guidelines about qualifications for tribal membership. Individual tribes may have more specific qualifications. It is best to have complete documentation before you contact a tribe or nation concerning membership.