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Exploring & Sharing the Wabanaki History of Interior New England
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Privacy Policy

Last Updated Mar-2009

This organization does not use cookies and does not directly use an advertising service of any kind. Our Google Custom Search features no advertising. However, we have no control over what Google may or may not do concerning cookies and tracking of our visitors using our Google Custom Search feature. If you are concerned about your privacy, please review Google's Privacy Policy and have appropriate security software installed on your computer.

Ne-Do-Ba does not maintain a mailing list and does not send out newsletters. We do keep all e-mail and snail mail correspondence we receive (which will include any and all private data contained in said correspondence) on file at our office .

For those visitors that choose to correspond with Ne-Do-Ba, please be assured, we will not share your name or address with anyone without your prior approval, and then, only for the purpose of connecting you with other researchers working on similar projects.

If you choose to share family information with Ne-Do-Ba, this information will be entered into our database and will be available to any person acting on behalf of this organization in a research capacity. At our discretion, any information in our database or our correspondence file concerning persons no longer living may be shared with other family researchers for the purpose of assisting them with specific research projects. However, the information in our database and our correspondence file will never be placed "as a whole" online or shared in any other way with the general public.

Family information provided to Ne-Do-Ba will not be sold or published in any way that involves any kind of financial transaction to access.

At times, Ne-Do-Ba may publish family information concerning people no longer living. When such information is contributed by someone outside of this organization, that person will be notified (if we have a current address) and asked if they would like to be listed as the contributor. The contributor may elect to remain anonymous, have their full name published, or use a nick name. Ne-Do-Ba does not publish e-mail addresses for contributors, unless the contributor expressly asks for the e-mail address to be included.