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Ne-Do-Ba Website Help

Created Dec-2008

Welcome to our redesigned web site. We have made an effort to spruce things up a bit and increase our overall usability and accessibility. Unfortunately, we didn't get 100% of what we were hoping for, but we believe most visitors will be pleased with the improvements we have made.

We are proud to present the following web site features:

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  • This site does not use standard cookies or flash cookies
  • This site does not use Google Web Analytics or any other "tracking" service
  • This site does not use Java or Flash
  • This site does use a very limited amount of PHP - hopefully we have also provided our users with acceptable alternatives
  • Our photo album pages are written in Javascript - it is provided only as a secondary method for viewing photos, all photos are found on normal pages within the site
  • Easy navigation found on the left side of every page
  • A SEARCH box that is easy to locate at the upper left of every screen. We have decided to use a custom Google search as it is superior to anything we could create ourselves. Please forgive us for using a commercial product, but it seems a necessary evil.
  • We have decided to implemented "access keys" for important navigational elements. Look for an underlined letter in the text of navigation links. We are sorry if this causes some inconvenience for a few visitors. However, we feel it should enrich the experience of more visitors than it will hinder.
  • Our web pages will resize to fit your browser window (within reason!)
  • You can change text size using your browser controls - other elements of the page will resize accordingly.
  • Many different ways to find what you're looking for and lots of additional links between pages
  • Wordsdefinition - info with dotted underlines have definitions or information that pops up when you hover on the word
  • Links that take you away from our site appear like this HostGator  OFF-SITE LINK
  • The first occurrence of a Person's Name on each page is a different text color to make such names standout on the page.
  • Our XHTML & CSS code has been W3C Validated.
  • Our pages have been checked for accessibility compliance with U.S. Section 508 and WCAG AAA standards. We believe the only accessibility area we are weak in is color. If you suffer from rare forms of color blindness, you may have problems reading some of our non-content text. We apologize for this inconvenience.
  • Our pages degrade to pure html gracefully.
  • Our pages PRINT nice using a CSS style sheet (no left-side navigation, no background, most colors off, etc.) - just select print from your browser menu.
  • CSS Support for Internet Explorer 6 & 7, Firefox 2 & 3 - other browsers may find some features don't work and may want to turn CSS off.
  • A CSS style sheet for handhelds is provided. It may need additional work, so please don't hesitate to contact us with any problems you encounter.
  • A CSS style sheet for screen readers is provided, however, we need help to refine it. If you use a screen reader, please let us know how we can improve your visit.

If you notice any problems with our pages please let us know. We want EVERYONE to be able to access the content of our website, regardless of the equipment or disabilities you are working with.

As of January 2011 we have added two new components to our web site which do not meet the above criteria.

The first addition is our Wabanaki Family Trees project where we will be posting selected family trees. In order to provide a genealogy database useful to visitors and allowing online collaboration, we decide to power this section of the web site with The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding software which is written in PHP. Unfortunately, it may not be completely accessible to folks with certain types of disabilities. We apologize if you are having accessibility problems with this special section. If it is an insurmountable problem, please contact us explaining the specific information you are trying to access and we will make every effort to provide the information to you in a different format.

Our second addition is a blog powered by Google Blogger and hosted at This is a commercial product which we have very little control over. Visitors with older computers and browsers or concerns about Google and their internet privacy may not want to use our blog. Please be advised that Google may track you. You may not be able to leave comments unless you have cookies enabled. You will find affiliate links that lead you to commercial sites that will try to sell you products or services. We may receive commissions from these affiliate sites if you buy something from them. We plan to keep the commercialism to a minimum and only feature companies or products we feel our visitors might benefit from.