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Chauncey McClure Allard
9th Vermont Infantry - Company K
& 17th U.S. Infantry

Updated Nov-2009

Chauncey McClure Allard was b. 23-Aug-1842 at Sutton, VT. He was the son of Philoman Allard and Wealthy C. Fogg. Oral family history recovered from different descendants indicate he was at least part Indian. One tradition says he was "part-Indian & lived w/Indian relatives in Vermont as a child" and a letter written by his great grandson in 1986 states he was a full blooded Indian. Chauncey died 3-Mar-1910 at Coopers Mills, ME. During his lifetime he lived in Vermont, Maryland, New Hampshire, and Maine.

In 1862 he was at Brownington VT. He enlisted on 7-Jul-1862 in Co. K, 9th Regiment VT Infantry and was transferred on 15-Jan-1863 to the 17th U.S. Infantry (a regular army unit) for the remainder of his enlistment. He was reported as "deserted" on 2-Jul-1863.

The 9th Vermont served in the Shenandoah Valley and was at Harper's Ferry when it was surrendered to the Confederates on 15-Sep-1862. They were paroled the same day and sent to paroled camp in Chicago. They were exchanged on 10-Jan-1863 and remained at Chicago guarding Confederate prisoners. Chauncey transferred to the 17th U.S.I. from there.

At Gettysburg, Chauncey was wounded and left for dead on the battlefield by his comrades - something which he appeared very bitter about until the end. A local family visiting the battlefield found Chauncey and took him to their home to recover. According to Chauncey, this family told him that officers had come by looking for stragglers. The family told the officers about Chauncey and his injuries and the officers told the family that they would not need his services anymore. After he recovered, he began working as day labor in the area of Taneytown, MD under the name Charlie Fogg.

He married, as Charlie Fogg, on 24-Sep-1867 to Susan Louise Smith at Taneytown, MD. They had nine children, at least five surviving to adulthood. Their first two children were born in Maryland, the next two were born in VT, then two at Denmark, ME and the rest were born at Castle Hill in Aroostock Co. Maine.

Chauncey tried repeatedly to gain a pension for his service, but was denied due to the desertion charge. This charge resulted from his failure to contact his unit once he had recovered from his injuries. However, his efforts were not entirely in vain - the desertion charge was eventually dropped and his widow benefited from his pension in her final years. Another benefit of his effort was a very large pension file, rich in the details of his life after the war - a genealogist's dream come true!

  • Physical Description: 5'11", complexion dark, hair dark brown, eyes grey
  • Enlistment: 7-Jul-1862 to 2-Jul-1863

Ne-Do-Ba Comment - - - Research efforts have not yet found the source of Mr. Allard's "Indian" heritage. We would love to hear from anyone that might have additional information about Chauncey, his parents, or any "Indian" connection for the family.