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Abram Burlett
1st Vermont Cavalry - Company L

Created Nov-2009

Abram Burlett was born 21-Nov-1831 at Winooski Falls, Vermont, son of Louis & Theresa Burlett. He married Marie Louise Joseph, an Abenaki women, on 13-Jun-1852 at Burlington, VT. Marie Louise died 1-Apr-1863 at Middlebury VT. Abram & Marie had 4 children; Nancy Burlett born 12-Sep-1853, Joseph Burlett born 7-May-1856, Frank C. Burlett born 2-Jun-1860, and Abram Burlett Jr. born 30-Mar-1862 - all born in New York State according to the 1870 census. All four children are living in the household of Albert Locke (relationship unknown) at Saratoga Springs, NY in the 1870 census. They are documented in this census as "1/2 Indian". In this same census, Abram is documented as white and a basket maker living just a few doors away with his second family. There are other known Native families in the neighborhood. Some of these Natives are recorded as white and some are recorded as Indian in this census, almost all are working as basket makers. Based on his physical description, we suspect Abram is actually of mixed blood heritage.

At the time of his enlistment on 15-Aug-1862 he called himself a merchant and was living in Vermont. He enlisted in Co. L, 1st Vermont Cavalry. He was transferred on 30-May-1864 to Lt. Hills' Co. 171st 2nd Battalion Veteran Reserve Corp. where he served until 13-Jul-1865.

Abram participated in the Gettysburg Campaign where he was injured during combat. We have the following testimony dated 4-Dec-1866 from his Lieutenant concerning this injury. It reads;

I, John W. Newton ... Between Williamsburg and Hagerstown in a cavalry charge on the enemy on the 6th day of July 1863 the regiment having been repulsed they were ordered to fall back, and that in falling back the horse of said Abram Burlett stumbled and fell onto the said Abram Burlett. Falling on to him in such a manner that he was unable to extricate himself. And the said Burlett being unable to extricate himself was to the mercies of the rebels, and received several injuries in his left leg and ankle, ...

Abram says simply; "They were skirmishing with the enemy and [his] horse was shot and fell upon him fracturing the ankle bone of said leg."

While in the VRC, he was stationed at Burlington, VT. At the time of his discharge, he was documented as 1/4 disabled from making a living at manual labor due to an injury to his left ankle. In June of 1869, while at Saratoga Springs, his injury is listed as "chronic" and his disability rate is increased to 1/2. In May of 1871, a doctor at Saratoga declares he is "no longer disabled" and he loses his $4 per month disability pension. On 7-Oct-1874, he files a new claim for disability from his new location in Brooklyn and his pension is soon reinstated with his rate steadily increasing as he got older.

After the war, Abram married Jane Elizabeth Fiddler on 29-Nov-1866 at Troy, NY. She was born about 1845 in NY and died 10-Oct-1928 in Brooklyn, NY. The family remained in the area of Saratoga Springs until 1873, when they moved to Brooklyn, NY and remained there the rest of their lives. By his second wife, Abram had three children; Lillian A. Burlett born 20-Oct-1868 in Vermont, Charles L. Burlett born July 1870 in Vermont, and William N. Burlett born 29-May-1873 in New York.

While living in Brooklyn, Abram has various occupations and is struggling with his war related disability. He is referred to as a house painter, real estate, paper hanger, and a decorator. Abram died in Brooklyn, NY on 13-Oct-1909.

  • Physical Description: 5'7", dark complexion, black eyes, black hair
  • Enlistment: from 15-Aug-1862 to 30-May-1864 in the 1str Cavalry
  • Enlistment: from 30-May-1864 to 13-Jul-1865 in the VRC
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