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Marden / Mardin Family Name

Last updated Nov-2010
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Descendants of Edward Mardin the Rev. War Ranger are UNCOMFIRMED but likely Wabanaki descendants.

Edward Mardin served as a private in Whitcomb's NH Ranger Company during most of the American Revolution. For a portion of the war, the company was headquartered at Haverhill, NH near the old Abenaki village. Much of his service time was spent ranging the borderlands along the US-Canadian border, acting as messager, scout, and spy. He would have been in constant contact with the Abenaki of that region. Oral family history suggests he took an Abenaki wife and fathered a son, Edward Jr., with her.

At this time all evidence is circumstantial. Oral history comes down through several different lines that had no contact with each other until recently. A photo of a grandson strongly suggests Native ancestry. Edward Jr. was known as a basket maker. Disbursement and residence patterns of grandchildren suggest remnants of a wandering lifestyle. Please contact us if you have any information to share on this family.

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