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Marie / Cazihlante Family

Created Jan-2013

This family is best known under the family name of Marry (Merry, Marie, Mary, etc.) in the Lake Megantic and Lake Drolet regions where it appears they spent their elder years. While at Lake Drolet, they lived at the head of the lake near Francois Robert.

They are said to be from St. Georges on the Chaudière Rivière. It appears they also used the family name Cazihlante. The family consisted of Joe Marie, Marie Louise, Mathilde, and Chlotilde. Local histories record them as siblings.

Joseph Marie Cazihlante (c1809 to 1889)

Joseph Mary Cazhilante

Around 1858, Joe Marie was camped near the Chaudiere. Joe ferried folks across the river. He was an excellent hunter, trapper, and fisherman. He fall from a balcony at the Hotel du Lac in Lac Megantic. He was cared for by Philéas Robert but died from his injuries on 23-April-1889 at the reported age of 80.

Marie Louise Cazihlante (c1802 to 1902)

Marie Louise Marry (Cazhilante)

She is known for her nursing skills. It is said she and her sisters cared for the sick when there was no doctor. Marie Louise survived her siblings and died 24-Aug-1902 at the reported age of 100. She is buried in the cemetery at Lake Drolet. A gentleman from Quebec visited the cemetery in October of 2009 and viewed her headstone. When he returned a year later to photograph the stone, he found it missing. Undoubtedly, some greedy and disrespectful treasurer hunter felt he needed it more than she did - very sad!

Mathilde Cazihlante (? to 1882)

Mathilde was caught in a unexpected winter storm. She froze to death while transporting her furs to market at Lambton about 1882.

Chlotilde Cazihlante (? to 1865 or 1879)

She was known to hunt and trap in the Holeb Township region across the border in Maine. She was found dead of a bullet wound about 1879. Another source claims she was assassinated for a $20 gold piece in 1865.

If the family was from St. Georges (Sartigan) and their age at death is in the right ballpark, they would be children at the time of the 1809 Sartigan Family List. There is a family name on that list that is pretty close. Kisitante and Cazihlante are possibly the same family name. The head of the 1809 Kisitante family is Joseph Marie. However, we shouldn't put too much stock in the similar baptismal name, since there are three other men named Joseph Marie on the 1809 list of twenty-two. It appears to be a common male baptismal name at Sartigan.

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