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Metallic Family Name

Last updated Nov-2010
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Probable Origins & Usage

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Earliest Occurrences of the Name


The man living on the Androscoggin in the late 1700s appears to be the first of this name. His sons are found at Odanak under the name Matelok & Pamaguimet and probably Walambois & Basil.

There appears to be a connection with the Capino family, but the details are still a mystery. In 1870, Marie Mattelock, b.abt.1793, is with the Joseph Capino family in Gorham, NH. Joseph Capino's brother, Francois, has the name "Pamaguiomet" in the notes column of the 1841 Odanak census. Pamaguiomet is a name used by Antoine Metallic.

There may be a connection with an Eli Moulton of Lennoxville.

The Kanistanaux family of Stockton, NY appears to have a connection with the Metallic family name.

Concerning Capt. Ma-da-lhokw, mentioned above, this was probably Metallic, the father of Antoine, as tradition says Metallic fought for the Americans while his two sons fought with the English.

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