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James Mohegan
aka James Broderick
7th Maine Infantry - Company K

Created May-2010

James Mohegan was born about 1840 and enlisted from Lewiston in December of 1862. He also appears to have a Portland connection at this same time.

He is reported wounded and missing on 4-May-1863 at the Battle of Salem Heights in Virginia. In another record, James is reported a prisoner from 4-May-1863 to 16-May-1863. On 16-Jul-1864 James is reported deserted from McClellan Hospital. This suggests he may have been wounded or injured in May or during the 2 days his regiment fought at Gettysburg. He is transferred to Co. D, 22nd Veteran Invalid Corps on 11-Nov-1863. He is absent on 21-Aug-1864 and dishonorably discharged 22-Mar-1865 by sentence of a General Court Martial.

At some point after the war, James began using the surname Broderick. In August of 1879, James was living in Augusta and he was in Quincy, MA about 1883. James married 21-Oct-1885 to Margery McCormick, of Quincy MA.

James was working as a quarry man in Maine in the early 1890s and "lost the sight of his left eye, caused by flying stone chips". In 1892 he is back in Quincy, MA and died 7-Dec-1896 at Togus (VA Hospital), ME.

  • Physical Description: 5'6", light complexion, brown hair, blue eyes
  • Enlistment: from 22-Dec-1862 to 21-Aug-1864

Ne-Do-Ba Comment - - - We have no direct evidence that James Mohegan was Native or connected to any Maine Tribe. However, we do not find Mohegan used as a name in any other cultures or anywhere except in connection with a Native tribe that inhabited Connecticut, so we believe it is appropriate to believe he did have Native origins in New England.

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