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Moulton / Molton Family Name

Last updated Nov-2010
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Molton is a confirmed Maliseet family found at the Tobique Reserve. At this time, we have been unable to make any connections between the Maliseet family and the possible Quebec family.

Moulton is an UNCONFIRMED but Highly Probable Abenaki family from Quebec.

Local legend says Metallic's daughter, Parmachenee, married a man named Eli Moulton and lived in Lennoxville. They allegedly had a son named George. Legend also claims Parmachenee was always dressed in the finest attire, suggesting her husband was wealthy. Another local source says only that she married a Frenchman. To date, no documentation has been discovered to confirm the legend.

We have absolutely no information pertaining to ages, dates, or other timeline data for the people in question. We are forced to make an educated deduction in order to create a timeline for research purposes. We speculate Parmachenee was born no later than 1800 and could have been born as early as the mid 1700s.

There is an Eli Moulton found in Sherbrooke in the 1851 Census. His wife is Catherine. Census ages suggest they were born in the early 1790s. Records for Sherbrooke's non-Catholic population are incomplete, so we can not be certain, but this couple appears to be a reasonable fit with the legend. We have not yet found any documentation for a son named George, but there are men of the name in the area that could be their child. The best candidate would be George P. Moulton, b.abt.1816 in Canada. He married in Sherbrooke in 1856 to Harriet Preston and they had at least 7 children. A grandson of this couple passed down oral history claiming he was 1/8 Indian.

Recent research surrounding the Kanistanaux family of Stockton, NY provides support for the Eli Moulton legend. Eli & Katie Moulton (both born in the mid 1780s in Canada) are buried in Stockton, NY in the 1870s and are associated with the Kanistanaux family known in that region. Based on some historical documents found there, it appears some member(s) of the Kanistanaux family had family connections with the name Metallic. Complete confirmation is still elusive, since good records are lacking there as well.

So, the mystery is far from solved, but we do seem to be building a good case of circumstantial evidence suggesting the name Eli Moulton is connected to Metallic and therefore his children would be Abenaki descendants.

Further research and additional documentation are still needed. We encourage anyone with pieces of the puzzle to contact us and share what they know.

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