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Pissonne Family Name

Last updated Jan-2009
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The first Pissonne had no other name and was possibly Penobscot or Stockbridge. It is said that he was a guide for Roger's Rangers in 1759 and was involved in the attack by the Rangers on the village of Odanak. Years later, he began frequenting the village. In his old age he lived at Odanak. He was less than 5' tall but very strong. The Odanak Abenaki respected him but never trusted him. [Day]

Gordon Day tells us only of Pissonne, his son Pial (Pierre) & daughter Marie Josephte who had a son named Stanislas. We found Marie Apoline Pissonne with her sons Joseph & Pierre in 1822. She appears to be the widow of Pierre Pisson and is still listed in the 1841 census at Odanak. There was also a Jacques Pisson who had two daughters.

Pial Pisson (also known as Peter Mountain and Pierre Lamontagne) was a hunting partner of Thomas Wawanolet. [Day] Peter Mountain lived for a while at Odanak, but is found in Megantic County PQ, where in 1861 he is listed as 'herbal doctor' in the Federal Census.

Our research suggests their were possibly as many as 4 different men at Odanak that used the name Pial (Pierre) Pissone in the late 1700s and early 1800s.

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