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Joseph Taksus
96th NY Infantry - Company K

Created Feb-2002
Last Updated Sep-2002

He is 'Susap Toxuse' in most public records. He was born about 1833 in Canada, perhaps at St. Francois-du-lac in Quebec. He was the son of Thomas Taksus, also of Canada. Joseph lived most of his adult life in the Lake George region of NY. He worked as a fancy basket maker and probably traveled to sell his products. His pension records indicate that he was married to Alazuna Cummuck[?], who died 21-Dec-1861 at Pequot[?] __?. The 1880 Census record for Paterson NJ shows Joseph as the step-father of two children belonging to Melissa (Kesiah) Clark, which would lead us to believe he was married to Melissa prior to that year. We have yet to find any other record that confirms this marriage. On 7-Aug-1878 he married Marie DeGozine [Degonzague] at Caldwell, NY. Joseph and Marie had a daughter, Mary Jane b. 5-Jun-1881 who was still living in April of 1898. Joseph's pension records indicate that he was at Pierreville, Quebec, Canada in 1890.

The signiture of Joseph Taksus

On 6-Mar-1864 at the age of 30, Joseph enlisted in Co. K of the 96th NY Infantry Regiment. He was discharged at Albany NY on 25-Aug-1865 due to disability. During his enlistment, his regiment fought at Drewry's Bluff, Cold Harbor, and Petersburg in Virginia. Joseph arrived at Petersburg in June of 1864 and we learn the following from his pension records;

"the next morning after arriving at said place while helping to build a bomb proof shelter for the 5 N.Y. Battery he sustained an injury to left foot by an Rail Road Rail dropping on his foot Also while at or near Bermuda Hundred VA on or about July 1864 while in line of duty with his company He contracted & had chronic Diarrhea & Rhummatism said Rhummatism causing disease of heart"

"while on duty at Petersbough VA on or about June 1864, he was disabled by contracting diarrhea, piles, resulting rhemmatism and disease of head; also deafness caused while supporting a battery on 'Jerusalem Plank Road', about same time in 1864, and was treated in hospitals ..."

The Gravestone of Joseph Taksus

He was treated at Base Hospital near City Point VA sometime in July & from there went to a hospital at Albany N.Y. where he received a 'convalescent discharge'.

In October of 1890 we learn he is "wholly unable to earn a support by manuel labor by reason of Rhummatism, disease of head, loss of hearing to a certain extent and injury to left foot - diarrheia of piles troubles me occassionally"

Joseph Taksus died 7-Nov-1899 at Lake George and his widow continued to receive his pension. He is buried at Lake George.

  • Physical Description: dark hair & complexion, black eyes, 5' 11-1/2" tall
  • Enlistment: 6-Mar-1864 to 25-Aug-1865

Contributors: Dorothy McDermott & David Benedict
Source: Civil War Pension Records

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