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Vassal Family Name

Last updated Jan-2009
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Laudiby - This family name stumped Gordon Day, but the big clue is in the 1845 census when Catherine is given as Catherine Lazar Laudiby. The absence of the Vassal family name in census of this period, the names of the two younger Laudiby men being the same as the children of Stanislas Vassal, Catherine's identity as widow of Lazare, the family makeup in these census years, and the ages of the Laudiby's in records - all point to this being an alternate family name used by Catherine and Stanislas Vassal. However, why they changed their names and why they didn't keep it, is still a mystery.

Francois Vassal was a soldier stationed at Odanak. He did not marry Marguerite Annance, but had children with her. Catherine Vassal b.abt.1782 is a child of Marguerite by Francois according to family testimony in 1869. Stanislas b. bet. 1781 and 1785 is most likely Catherine's full brother. Francois Vassalle, an adult at Trois Rivières in 1841 may also be a full or half brother.

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