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Census & List Notes

Last updated DEC-1997


Special Notes about Our Transcribed Census & Lists

These are not true copies of the census. There may be errors because we are working with a photocopy of a photocopy of a microfilm photocopy and because we are human. The material has also been standardized to assist novice researchers.

Ne-Do-Ba has the photocopies if anyone has specific questions. The lists are in the exact order of the originals. Most remarks are in French and very difficult to read. There are some obvious errors in the originals (i.e. a male age 1to4 is noted as becoming a female over 14 in the following year - that's a good trick!). These types of errors have not been corrected.

Odanak Census for 1845, 1850, 1851, 1852 have a large "D" to the left of some names, which is shown at the end of remarks as {D} on our census lists. We believe this "D" indicates the family was at Durham instead of Odanak. [Note: this Durham information is missing in the New Format but will be adding back in soon]

The following changes have been made:

  • All names & spellings have been standardized
  • Complete given names are used when known - regardless of how the person is listed on the census
  • Labels (ie. {a} {b}) are made to distinguish two people with the same name and to assist researchers following that person thru several years
  • Notes in [brackets] are comments by Ne-Do-Ba researchers
  • Letters or words with question marks after them are best guesses!
  • Underlines _____ indicate words that we can't even guess at!

We would like to give a great big thanks to Louis Annance, David Benedict, the late Gordon Day, and our many other friends who have assisted us in making this work possible.

K'chi Wliwni Nidobak