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1815 Penobscot Roster
Fall of the Year

Created Jun-2009

1815 Penobscot Roster
Name as listed Probable Interpretation Notes
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Roster of Penobscot Tribe of Indians for Fall, 1815
by Indian Agent Gen. John Blake of Brewer
Joe Mary Neptune, Esq.    
Capt. John Neptune    
Capt. Nicholas Nicola   probably from the Kennebec family
Capt. Francis Loring Francois Laurent  
Capt. Pole Susup Paul Joseph  
Capt. Pearl Pierre  
Capt. Atteon Mitchell Etienne Michel  
Capt. Mitchell Michel  
Capt. Bison   perhaps French Bisson
Widow Lolar Laurent female
Lewey Swasson Louis Joachim  
Sarkolaxis Jacques Alexis  
Joe Lion Joseph Lyon probably French
Wine Mitchell ? Michel  
Sol Bison Saul or Soloman Bisson perhaps French Bisson
John Ossong Jean ? Eckstorm says Osson is Jean
Pearl Molly Pierre Marie  
Sockis Jacques  
Pearl Sock Pierre Jacques  
Sockabasin Jacques Basile or Bison  
Widow Betsey Sockbasin Elizabeth Jacques Basile female, above may be her son
Michal Looy Michel Louis  
John Nicola Jean Nicholas  
Allolar Laurent  
Joe Supses Notannes Joseph Joseph Natanis related to Natanis of the Kennebec
Joe Phinepas Joseph Phineas  
Atteon Moxey Etienne Maurice  
Olee Moxey Nicholas? Maurice  
Joe Crow    
Little Beson   perhaps French Bisson
Sock Susap Jacques Joseph  
Joe Ninepence Joseph ?  
Nicola Denny Nicholas Denis  
Sol Sapptua Saul or Soloman ?  
Pearl Pineway Pierre Francois  
Pearl Tomer, Sick Pierre Thomas  
Crosson Wassos Joachim? Bear  
Polier Wassos Pierre Bear  
Swasson Wassos Joachim Bear  
Sol Lolar Soloman or Saul Laurent  
Betsey Neptune Elizabeth Neptune female
Toli Monce    
Collail Wassos ? Bear perhaps son of Widow Collail
Capt. Tom Thomas  
Bill Williams William Williams English?
Bison Sabattus Bisson Jean Baptiste  
Molly Oldsoul Marie ? female
Attean Sawroon Etienne Jerome  
Saphice Notannes Sophia? Natanis related to Natanis of the Kennebec
Francis Pincie Francois ?  
Pearl Tomer Snake Pierre Thomas Snake  
Masterain Sallow ? Jerome  
Francis Tomer Francois Thomas  
Tomassis Little Thomas or Thomas Junior  
Nighousis perhaps "Mother"  
Eneces Moon Phineas? Moon perhaps the man involved with Arnold's march to Quebec
Andrew Denny Andrew Denis  
Lewy Snake Louis Snake  
Sockbasin Neptune Jacques Basil Neptune  
Capt. John Attean Jean Etienne  
T. Entway Thomas? Antoine  
Tanee Tomer Denis? Thomas  
Joe Martin Joseph Martin French?
Jos Stanislas Joseph Stanislas  
Sabattus Legs Jean Baptiste ?  
Sabattus Obyson Jean Baptiste ?  
Sockbesin Sylvester Jacques Basil Sylvester French?
Andrew Tomer Andrew Thomas  
Moleas Elliot Maurice? Elliot English?
Michal Martin Michel Martin French?
Sopphia Mary Sophia Marie female
Widow Collail ? female, perhaps mother of Collail Wassos above
Masterain Jackwooder ? Jackwaddis member of "Daylight" family
Mary Bollassa Or Mollassa Marie Pelagie Nicola aka Molly Molasses
Newell Sylvester Noel Sylvester French?
Nicola Tomer Nicholas Thomas  
302 souls, 87 huntsmen
Source: The Maine History Magazine, 1891, pg. 76
Contributed by: Rev. C. M. Blake, San Francisco
Transcribed & reformatted to html by Canyon Wolf.
Name translations and notes by Ne-Do-Ba