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The Eastern Expedition of 1690
Major Church's Marching Orders

Created December 1997

Source: Lewiston Journal, Illustrated Magazine Section ?-Feb-1922
Laurel Hill Article by L.C.Bateman
accuracy verified per "History of Philip's War"

Portsmouth, in Newhampshire, Sept. 9, 1690

To Major Benjamin Church, Commander in Chief of their Majesties forces now designed upon the present expedition eastward, and now resident at Portsmouth:

The Governor and Council of the Massachusetts Colony reposing great trust and confidence in your loyalty and valor from experience of your former actions and of God's presence with you in the same; in pursuance of an order, received from them commanding it; these are in their Majesties' names to impower and require you as commander in chief to take into your care and conduct these forces now here present at their rendezvous at Portsmouth; and they are alike required to obey you; and with them sail eastward by the first opportunity to Casco, or places adjacent, that may be most commodious for landing with safety and secrecy and to visit the French and Indians at their headquarters at Amerascogennote - this is indended to be the mid-section of the Androscoggin River, where the English knew the Abenaki had at least two large villages., Pejepscotnote - Brunswcik or any other place according as you may have hope or intelligence of the residence of the enemy; using always your utmost endeavor for the preservation of your own men and the killing, destroying and utterly rooting out the enemy wheresoever they may be found; as also so much as may possibly be done for the redeeming or recovering of our captives in any places.

You being then arrived and understanding your way, to take your journey back again either by land or water as you shall judge most convenient for the accomplishing of the end intended; and to give intelligence always of your motions whenever you can with safety and convenience.

Lastly, in all to consult your council, the commanders or commission officers of your several companies, when it maybe obtained, the greater part of whom to determine. And so the Lord of hosts, the God of Armies, go along with you, and be your conduct. Given under my hand the day and year above said.

per Robert Pike