A Wabanaki Design Created by
Anne Joseph (aka Hannah Susep)
in the Late 1700s.

Wabanaki Family Trees


Ne-Do-Ba is pleased to present our Wabanaki Family Trees to the public. At this time you will only find a very few selected families, but those numbers will grow over time. We envision this new section of our web site as a tool to assist in the process of documenting our Wabanaki ancestors as well as providing a place to share details of families already documented.

Everyone is welcome to explore the families presented here. You do not need to setup an account to use these pages.

If you are a descendant of any of these families, we encourage you to sign up for a user account. You will then be allowed to collaborate with us and other descendants as we grow the tree.

Feature Articles

feature 1

Gwilodw˘gan - exploration, research, investigation

Visit our companion blog to learn more about the families documented here and to follow along with the research process as we add additional families.

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Genealogy Tips, Records, etc.

Visit our main web pages for tips on how to get started in genealogy, special considerations when searching for Native ancestry, information on specific family names, and some transcriptions of records from 19th Century Native Communities.

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Fake Genealogies

A demonstration of tips and tricks for spotting those pesky fake genealogies you find posted on the Internet.

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The Vermont Abenaki Question

A series of 3 articles concerning the question of Abenaki heritage and tribal status in the State of Vermont.

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email imageIf you have any questions or comments about the information on this site, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.