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Wabanaki Genealogy Tip
Local History

Last updated 11-AUG-1997

Look into the history of the areas where your ancestor was born, married, lived, and/or died. See what types of seasonal labor was needed, whether migratory work forces were used, and where the workers came from. Lumbering, river drives, agricultural harvesting, sporting camps, and construction crews are likely activities for migrant labor. Look for other industries and jobs that could be easily adapted to.

Native men built stone walls, worked well with animals, and served as guides for surveyors as well as sportsman. Native women often served as cooks, seamstresses, midwives, and herbal doctors. Native People were highly skilled at working with wood. Their tool handles, barrels, buckets, carvings, and baskets were always in demand. These items were often made during idle time than sold or traded as they traveled.

Written by: Canyon Wolf for Ne-Do-Ba