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Wabanaki Genealogy Tip
How Do I Start?

Created Mar-1999

Native genealogy should begin just like any other genealogy project. It does not matter if you are researching German, Dutch, Lakota, English, French, Abenaki, or Mi'kmaq - the basic techniques are all the same.

If you are new to genealogy research than you should pick up one of the many good books on the subject. Most libraries and books stores will have several to choose from. Follow the guidelines and work on your entire family tree - not just grandma who was an Indian!

You obviously have access to a computer, so get yourself a family tree program. There are many that you can download right from the Internet and most are very affordable. Start using it right away. Don't wait until you have reams of notes and photocopies - it will never get done. Get familiar with the genealogy resources available on our Genealogy Web Links page and let your fingers (or mouse) do the walking.

If this is important to you, than it is worth the work. Just take things one step at a time and don't quit. Only after you have exhausted all of the usual resources, should you begin specialized research.

Written by: Canyon Wolf for Ne-Do-Ba