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Ne-Do-Ba is a nonprofit Maine corporation [501(c)(3) public charity] established to explore and share topics relating to the Abenaki Indian and their Euroamerican relationships in Western Maine, past and present.

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The Challenge We Face !

We often find that descendants of Native-Euroamerican marriages deny their Indian heritage or find their European ancestry disgusting. These views are out of balance. We live in a world of tremendous cultural diversity. We must learn to understand cultural differences and accept them for what they are. We need to start at home, by learning about our own numerous cultural heritages. Very few people come into this world belonging 100% to any culture. We must learn not to throw stones when we live in glass houses. We must share what we learn with our children. We must help them understand the historic environments which create our differences. We must show them that different is not bad ! We must set the example by demonstrating tolerance and respect for all other beings.

The adventure that this organization has embarked upon is about knowledge of history, culture, community, family, and self. Our itinerary does not include the politics of treaty rights, land claims, tribal recognition, high stake bingo, gambling casinos, or government entitlements. Our path will take us into the shadows of history to learn, the light of day to share our knowledge, and the hearts of human beings as the healing begins. What an exciting trip we have planned ! Please join in our journey, as we assist our friends, relatives, and neighbors to relearn our history and become proud of who we are.

- - K'chi Wliwni Nidobak (Great thanks my friends)

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