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Updated November 2005

Ne-Do-Ba Proudly Announces Our First Book!!!

ALNÔBAK: A Story of Indigenous People In Androscoggin County

Written by Canyon Wolf (aka Nancy Lecompte),
research and education director of Ne-Do-Ba
  • 64 Pages, 13 in full color

  • Explores 10,000 years of Native American presence in Androscoggin County

  • Includes three maps, two tables, dozens of illustrations, and thirteen pages of full-color photographs.

  • Dedicated to our Wabanaki Grandmothers -- May they never be forgotten!

  • Printed by Penmor Lithographers, Lewiston

  • NEW PRICE $13.50 plus ME sales tax

Learn the story of many native people found within the boundaries of Androscoggin County, the places they frequented, and the artifacts they left behind. Discover several Wabanaki veterans who fought as Americans in the War of Independence and the War Between the States.

Chapters cover Ancient History, European Contact, Wars, Early White Settlement, 19th Century Survival, 20th Century, and Beyond. The book closes with a discussion about further study and suggested resources to help one discover more about this rich history.
A major portion covers the period of 1850 to 2000 -- a time many believe does not have an Indian history.

Photos include artifacts from the Davis-Wagg Museum at the Androscoggin Historical Society as well as many ash and sweetgrass baskets from a number of local collections.

Androscoggin 150th
A Special Publication Created by Ne-Do-Ba as a Companion Book to:
Androscoggin County, Maine: A Pictorial Sesquicentennial History, 1854-2004

NEW PRICE $20 plus ME sales tax

Buy the SET for $30 plus ME sales tax

Both books available at

The Book Burrow, Center Street, Auburn, and the
Androscoggin Historical Society, (207) 784-0586
Androscoggin Historical Society
Open Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays, 9am to Noon, 1pm to 5pm
3rd Floor of the County Building, 2 Turner St. Auburn, ME 04210-5978

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