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[OCD-DLGP] Durham Land Grant Papers

(copy of original microfilmed documents)
acquired from Louis Annance

Lower Canada Land Papers,
Routh, John - Rouvill, Hertel de & others
- _G 1 L 3 Vol. 170 [178?]

The original package contains a large number of documents. This extract contains only the transcriptions of those sections that are of interest to the case study. There are 7 lists and 5 other documents in this package that assist in reconstructing the Durham families.

[OSD-DLIST1] #83668 [list of 16 petitioners and their family makeup - in French - dated St. Francois 20 Juin 1803]

[#5] Agen Capt. la femme 2 garsons 2 filles
[#8] Joachim 8tond_dorissen 1 garson 4 filles

[OSD-DLIST2] #83679-81 "Names of Indians and their families __[something was added here but it is at the top of the page and is illegible] who late petitioned His Excellency the Lt. Governor for a grant of Lands." [date unknown]

Agent Pierre Michel - a War Chief
Angeligue, his wife
Marie Anniese, his daughter
Marie Allen, his daughter
Michel Opapien, his son
Joseph Louis, his son

Joachim Ottontosen, head of a family
Marie Orari, his wife
Louise Catherine, his daughter
Marie Allen, his daughter
Francoise Angelique, his daughter
Marie Anne, his daughter
Lazarre [?], his son
Louis de Gonsac, his son

[OSD-DLIST3] #83714 [list of 18 descendants involved in Durham Lands - date unclear but after 1836 based on identified widows whos husband's death date are known]

[#2] Louis degonzague

[OSD-DLIST4] #83716 "List of Lots of Land granted to the Indians at Saint Francis in the Township of Durham per Patent dated 26 June 1805" [only 16 listed and date of list unknown]

[#5] Agent Pierre Michel

[#9] Joachim Ottantosen

[OSD-DLIST5] #83721-3 [Chart of grantees with the names of thier heirs - date unknown]

6 Agent Pierre Michel - heirs; Marie Alaine, Louis Watzeau, Michael Agent
10 Joachim Ottondosen - heirs; Louis Watzeau, Marie Alaine, L[?] Lazare, Francois Angeligue, Louise Catherine, Marie Ann _

[OSD-DLIST6] #83724 [Chart of grantee's heirs - date unknown - in French]

6. his minors
10. Louis Watzeau, Mair Allaine, Louis Lazare, children of Francois joseph, Francoise Agelique, children of Louise Catherine, Marie Anne

[OSD-DLIST7] #83725-8 [Chart of grantees and heirs - date unknown - in French]

6 Agent Pierre Michel - heirs; Marie Allaine, Louis Watzeau, Michel Agent
10 Joachim Ottontosen - heirs; Louis Watzeau, Marie Allaine, Louis Lazare, Francoise Angelique, Marie Anne, children of Frs Joseph, children of Louise Catherine

[OSD-DDOC1] #83740 [Petition asking for additional lands at Durham [year 1797 appears in the text but document appears to be dated 1816]

signed by [his mark] Louis de Gonzague [and others not having Durham land in original grant]

[OSD-DDOC2] #83825-7 [a list of some Durham land transactions dated 12-Feb-1830? - the date of the list, not the transactions]

Lot 24, 3rd Range, Marie Joseppte Gile and Louis de Gosee[?]
(alias Joachim Ottontosen as in Patient)
Soisim[?] Tendousurre[?] - to Louis Labonte

[NOTE: Lot 24, 3rd Range was granted to Otondosonne. See [OSD-DDOC4] for explaination of Marie Josephte Gill being named in connection with Otondosonne land. -NL]

[OSD-DDOC3] #83861-3 [document in French which transfers or leases land - dated 20-Oct-1822? and notorized in 1824]
[Assistance with transcription by members of American-Canadian Genealogical Society, Lewiston, ME. - we make this out to be a transfer of a lot at Durham from the heirs of Capt. Agent (Pierre Michel Agent) to Louis Degonzague & wife.]

... Marie Angelique widow of Agens sauvage abenaquis of the Village of St. Francois ...
... Louis Degonzague, son of the late Joachim Ododoson and Marie Annieces his spouse and Michel Agens and Miss Marie Eleine Agens who are his [Agens] son and daughter ...
... Louis Degonzague and his spouse ... brother-in-law and sister-in-law ...
... to said Louis Degonzague and his spouse ...
... Michel his [Agens] son ...

[OSD-DDOC4] #83818 concerning land leases (the document is dated 31-Aug-1829)

Lot of land of Joachim Otodosonne was leased to the widow Marie Joseph Gill
Lot of land of Joachim Otodosonne was leased to Francois Jos. Annance

[OSD-DDOC5] #83859 concerning land leases

A statement dated 23-Jan-1832 taken from the widow of Agent Pierre Michel concerning a lease in 1819

[OSD-DDOC6] #83790 "Copy of signitures to the Petition of sundry inhabitants of the Township of Durham ... 21-Aug-1829"
[this is list of 'white settlers' but has a curious entry]

[#9] James Mountain

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