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[HFN] Harrington Field Notes 1869

(copy of original microfilmed documents)
acquired from Louis Annance

This extract contains only the transcriptions of those sections that are of interest to the case study.

Josphte Gill, daughter of Samuel Gill and ___ James, born in 1725, married in 1755, an Abenakis, and was the mother of Marie-Eulalie -- and Marie-Eulalie was the wife of Swasin Otontoson. Josephte Gill died in 1795. [at the age of 70.]

If Marie-Eulalie was born the next year after her mother was married; and if she died in 1843, she would be about 87 years old when she died. And she would be about 3 or 4 years old when Rogers came -- and she remembered his comming.

OldWajo = [Watso"] is the son of Swasin Otontoson, and his name is Wajo Otontoson. Marie-Hiline Otontoson, is Wajo Otontoson's sister [? note - LOU has it transcribed as 'wife' - review of microfilm copy makes it 'sister' to my eyes -NL]. They are now at Lake George, or Saratoga Springs, and are both very old. They can probably tell me the name thier mother's father, who was Abenakis Indian. Old Wajo was present at the opening of his fathers grave in Barton VT., and can of course, tell the condition of the body -- whether it was petrified or not. He can tell more about L. M__? [Lake Means, Magog?? NL] than any other Indian. All the preceeding was obtained at St. Francis Indian Village in July & August 1869.

Molly Swaseen died somewhere about 1821. Her son Watso may be about 80 yrs old. Her daughter Sally is married to Maxi Woxel and lives at Lennoxville. --- Benj. T. Reed, Durham P.Q. July 20, 1869 [Mr. Reed is wrong about the time of her death]

SWASEEN. -- In the time of the boundry line dispute, Molly Swaseen was living in Bury, at a time when she was unwell and feeble, they took her by sleigh to Durham. She took cold, by being moved at an inprudent time and died in Durham in 1843. She is buried near L'Avenir in Durham in Lot 24 Range 1. She was very old. She remembered Rogers' at Saint Francois and was perhaps 10 years old at the time. --- Noel Annance, at his house in Durham, July Harrington

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