Vital Records

& a few miscellaneous bits and pieces

These extracts contain only the transcriptions of those records and sections that are of interest to the case study.

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Vital Record Sources:


[OSD-CCO] Congregational Church Records

[OSD-FCRO] Catholic Church Records

Census - photocopies of original documents

Abstracts from tribal census lists for 1822, 1841, 1844, 1845, 1850, 1851, 1852, List of 1828/29, 1861 Census of Pierreville - partial copy

[TVR-22SF] 1822 Census (transcript)

[TVR-28SF] 1828 List (approx. date - a transcript)

[OSD-41SF] 1841 Odanak

[OSD-44SF] 1844 Odanak

[OSD-44BSF] 1844 Odanak Bounty

[OSD-45SF] 1845 Odanak

[OSD-50SF] 1850 Odanak

[OSD-51SF] 1851 Odanak

[OSD-52SF] 1852 Odanak

[OSD-61SF] 1861 Pierreville & Odanak


Adirondack Family Information

Vital Statistics for the early families of Benedict, Mitchell, Johnson, Camp and Watso in the Adirondack region were contributed by descendants, [DM] & [DB], who have spent many years researching these families. In many instances, Ne-Do-Ba has no knowledge of the original sources of the data.

"The Johnsons were of mixed Indian and white blood related on the Indian side to the Watso-Watsaw families who lived in a small community at the east end of 13th Lake. They also lived in the town of Chester and North River, N.Y. eventually settling in Lake George, N.Y." [UNK-DM]

Contributed by [DM];
"In 1877 Prospect Mountain was purchased by Dr.James Ferguson who built a modest sanatorium on the top. The facility was supposed to attract patients with respiratory problems but it never caught on and after a few years the little hospital was closed. The following year the facility was destroyed by a forest fire. According to the women at the Lake George Historical Society, Napoleon Bonaparte (Boney) grandson of Chief Watso and the Chief himself saved Dr.Ferguson from the fire.

Chief Watso fought in the War of 1812 and collected a government pension at the age of 100. Chief Watso lived on Sewell St. in Lake George. Sewell that time was known as "Virgin Hollow" and Indian families lived there."

"[John] Camp is a hard working man, and a large family are dependent on his labor for support. Besides his wife and children, he provides for his father-in-law, the aged chieftain, Watso, and daughter Mrs. Sophia Paul, who is 84 years old and takes care of the almost helpless parent. - The Warrensburgh News - Edition of Dec. 7, 1882"

"John Bonaparte Camp (grandson of the Chief) was the son of John Camp Jr. and Susan Watsaw." [DM]

[UNK-GFI] Gill Family Information

[This is a collection of GILL family sheets shared with us by [LOU], actual compiler is unknown, but cover sheet speaks of sources such as Abbe Maurault (1866) and Judge Gill's "La Famille Gill". Many other sources are also identified. -NL]

Josephte b. abt 1725, d. 1795, d/o Samuel Gill, m. an Abenaki. Descendants called Wago or 8ajo.




Other Louis Degonzague in records

Louis Degonzague (the elder) m. 28-1-1833 Marguerite Gill. He is given as the widower of Cecile __ at the time of this marriage. On 2-1-1822 Louis, s/o Louis Degonzague & Cecile Agnes, m. Marie Louise __ [she is identified as Wonlinas by other means]. On 23-8-1812, a d/o Louis Degonzague & Agnes Cecile, was married. On 22-6-1812, a s/o Louis Degonzague & Cecile was married. The bapt. in Feb. 1801 of d/o Louis DeGonzague & Cecile is recorded. The bapt. in Feb. 1798 of Louis Abenaquis s/o Louis Casague & Cecile is recorded.

Louis Degonzague (Grand Chief) m. 24-1-1843 Theotiste Courchense - This couple is identified in many sources and he is identified as the one that served as a Grand Chief at Odanak from 1830-1870. At the time of this marriage his previous wife is identified as Therese __.

A placque at Odanak gives his life span as 1798-1870.

We have not been able to locate any information to support the marriage of a Therese to any Louis or Degonzague in any time period. We do have a marriage record for a Louis de Gonzague s/o Louis & Cecile Agnes on 2-1-1822 to M. Louise __ d/o Pierre-Jos. & Angelique Annonce. In 1863 a d/o of Louis Degonzague & Marie Louise Wonlinas was married.

The reference in 1843 to Therese creates a missing link between Louis the Grand Chief and Louis who was married to Cecile, but there is a great deal of circumstancial information to support Louis Grand Chief as the s/o Louis & Cecile. There is also enough circumstancial evidence to support the fact that neither is Louis, the son of Otondosonne.


[UNK-AFI] Additional Family Information

The following information was received from [Bebe] a couple of months after this case study was first published. This new material verifies several items and adds to our understanding of the Watso and Otondosonne families. Much of the information comes from church records which we do not have access to. Ne-Do-Ba does not have copies of any of the original sources of this data.

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