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Dawnland Locations of Interest

Last updated Dec-2008

Maine Locations
Place Name Alternate Names Notes Links to More
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Androscoggin County     Alnôbak - A Story of Indigenous People in Androscoggin County
Andover     Wabanaki in Andover
Androscoggin River     People of the Androscoggin River
Aziscohos Lake     Metallic - Biography
Auburn, Androscoggin County
  • Bakerstown
  • Poland
  • Minot
Bakerstown was created 1st, Poland was created from Bakerstown, Minot separated from Poland, then Auburn separated from Minot
Arundel     Wabanaki in Arundel
Baldwin Flintstown Plantation   Wabanaki in Baldwin
Bethel Sudbury Canada   Wabanaki in Bethel
Biddeford Biddeford Pool   Wabanaki in Biddeford
Bridgton Pondicherry   Wabanaki in Bridgton
Brownfield     Wabanaki in Brownfield
Brunswick     Wabanaki in Brunswick
Buckfield Bucktown Plantation   Wabanaki in Buckfield
Canton Phipps Canada   Wabanaki in Canton
Cape Elizabeth   The Indians encamped at Cape Elizabeth ME ... [Sep-1847]  
Cape Porpus     Wabanaki in Cape Porpus
Durham Royalsborough   Wabanaki in Durham
Farmington     Wabanaki in Farmington
Fryeburg     Wabanaki in Fryeburg
Gardiner     Wabanaki in Gardiner
Indian Island Old Town   Indian Island (Penobscot)
Kennebec River     People of the Kennebec River
Kennebunk &
A popular tourist destination.
Leeds Littleborough   Wabanaki in Leeds
Lewiston     Wabanaki in Lewiston & Auburn
Lisbon Falls
Little River


  Wabanaki in Lisbon
Madrid     Wabanaki in Madrid
Magalloway Region     Wabanaki in Magalloway
Minot Bakerstown
  Wabanaki in Minot
Monson     Wabanaki in Monson
North Berwick     John Johnson & more camping at Walnut Grove
Norway     Wabanaki in Norway
Parsonsfield Ossipee
Kezar Falls
  Wabanaki in Parsonsfield
Phillips     Wabanaki in Phillips
Poland Bakerstown
Poland Springs
originally included Auburn, Minot, & Mechanic Falls Wabanaki in Poland
Portland     Wabanaki in Portland
Pownal     Wabanaki in Pownal
Penobscot River     People of the Penobscot River
Rangeley Lakes     Wabanaki in Rangeley Lakes Region
Richmond     Wabanaki in Richmond
Rumford New Penecook   Wabanaki in Rumford
Webster   Wabanaki in Sabattus
Saco     Wabanaki in Saco
Saco River     People of the Saco River
Sandy River     People of the Sandy River
Skowhegan     Wabanaki in Skowhegan
St. John River     People of the St. John River
Strong     Wabanaki in Strong
Turner Sylvestertown Plantation
Sylvester Canada
  Wabanaki in Turner
Waterford     Wabanaki in Waterford
Wayne New Sandwich Plantation   Wabanaki in Wayne
Winthrop Pond Town   Wabanaki in Winthrop
Wiscasset Pownalborough   Wabanaki in Wiscasset
Woodstock Bryant's Pond   Wabanaki in Woodstock