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Dawnland Locations of Interest
New Hampshire

Last updated Dec-2008

New Hampshire Locations
Place Name Alternate Names Notes Links to More
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Androscoggin River     People of the Androscoggin River
Claremont     Wabanaki in Claremont
Colbrook     Wabanaki in Colbrook
Connecticut River     People of the Connecticut River
Conway     Wabanaki in Conway
Dartmouth College     Masta, Jean Baptiste - Biography
Gorham     Wabanaki in Gorham
The location of Dartmouth College and Moore's Charity School
Haverhill   location of the old Cowass Village Wabanaki in Haverhill
Merrimack River     People of the Merrimack River
Moore's Charity School   A school for Indian children
Lake Mollychumagog   a village located here in the early 1700s
Old Pacsmagenogg was chief.
Can anyone tell us where this lake is?
Milan     Wabanaki in Milan
Pittsburg Indian Stream Republic   Wabanaki in Pittsburg
Saco River     People of the Saco River
Wolfeboro     Wabanaki in Wolfeboro