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People of the Sandy River
Historical Information (Prior to 1800)

Last Updated Dec-2008

The Amasacontee lived on the Sandy River. We are not sure if the name represents a village name or the name of the People themselves. They seem to have come to the Sandy River from southern regions. They may have been Pennecook from the Merrimack or Mahegan from Western Massachusetts regions. They are 1st mentioned by the Jesuit Rales, who was at Norridgewock. According to Rales, they were located on the Sandy River at modern day Farmington. About 1704, Rales established a mission for them at Bécancour in Quebec, known today at Wolinak.

Sandy River People



Bits & Pieces from Books, news-clippings, etc.


... Many fine old English families lost thier money in land speculations. They came North and settled where they pleased. They were called squatters. Many came to Avon and left their families and followed the old Indian trails North, there was an Indian colony at Madrid at this time [1790s]. The trails branched, one going to Bemis on the Big Lake, the other to the Indian settlement on Aquasuc Lake.

"The Rise And Fall of Bubiertown"
by Sid Harden
Rangeley Record 19-Jul-1957