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Portland, Maine

Last Updated Dec-2008

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In May 1690. Some forces had just left Casco, and joined Sir Wm. Phips to go against Portroyal, when an army of four hundred or more, French and Indians were discovered about the place. "There was a a fort near the water, and another on the hill, near where the burying ground is, and another on the rocky ground, south of the place where the first meeting house stands," in what was the town of Falmouth. That near the burying ground was abandoned as untenable, and both the others after some time were carried by assault. One hundred persons now fell into the hands of the enemy. The French commander promised the garrisons safety to their persons, and liberty to go to the next English town, but he kept his promise no longer than while he was in possession. The whole country hereabout was laid desolate, and presented a most dreadful scene of ruin. The ground was strewed with the bones of the dead, which Church, on arrival afterwards, gathered up and buried.

Source: History of Maine, Philip's War
Samuel Drake, pg.202

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