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Turner, Maine
(Sylvester Canada)
(Sylvestertown Plantation)

Last Updated Dec-2008

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Bits & Pieces from Books, news-clippings, etc.

from an article on Rockemeke Farm in Turner

This ridge of land where Uncle Bradish located was called Rockemeka Ridge because a tribe of Indians named the Rockemekas, frequented this spot as they roamed up and down the twenty-mile river, so called, but now the Nezinscot river. These Indians made their headquarters on the old Ricker place adjacent, (now George Newells farm) to Uncle Bradish Turner's farm.
Both of these farms border on the Nezinscot; ... Mother had a covered basket kept very carefully in the parlor closet. The strips of wood of which it was made were painted in spots, and she told me "the Indians who lived on the Ricker farm made it." It was among the things she treasured. ...

Source: Lewiston Journal Illustrated Magazine Section, 25-Feb-1922

Ne-Do-Ba Comment - - - Our research of the names in this article suggests the time period as mid to late 1800s. Please note that Rockemeka is the name of the village located at Canton Point and is not the name of a "tribe" as stated above.


During one of his hunting trips he [Thomas Stinchfield] came upon an Indian village at the mouth of the Twenty Mile River (Nazinscot) in Turner. With the muzzle of his gun pointed downward, indicative of peace, he courageously entered the village where Chief Sabattus and his braves gave him a friendly welcome and invited him into their wigwams. Thus began a friendly relationship with them that served him in good stead in the following years. They named him Father Thomas and sought his services as arbitrator of their quarrels.

Source: Lewiston Journal Magazine Section - April 17, 1954

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