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Wayne, Maine
(New Sandwich Plantation)

Last Updated Dec-2008

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Ne-Do-Ba Comment - - - We question this statement - Pocasset is the name of a tribal group in Massachusetts.


... But it has been said that at least one noble forest king broke the record of his tribe by deigning to assist the tolling white in planting time. He came around the settlement to beg, after his wont, and found a family rustling in the seed between the showers of an uncommonly wet and backward spring. ... [the man would not pause from his work but the wife explained the urgency of their task] Whereupon the seven-foot sachem cast aside his blanket and took a capable hand at the planting. He didn't forget his measure of hoecake and sorgum at suppertime, tho, and one session was his limit. But next day his squaw came arond in his stead, pappoose pack-a-back, and dropping corn and potatoes with a willing hand. And in midsummer when the days were long and sultry and smoke was in the air the dusky couple brought others of their people to stand off the fire that threatened the whites. To pack and go meant little sacrifice to the wigwamer, but he readily appreciated the less stalwart brother's predicament, ... So they held the blaze at bay till the blessed rain came, but they recognized the value of their services and demanded continual toll thru the following winter, - foodstuffs, clothing, decorations.

Source: Lillian L. Trott, date unknown
news-clipping at Androscoggin Historical Society

Ne-Do-Ba Comment - - - the writer gives us no names or dates, but it would appear to be early settlement period.

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