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Pittsburg, New Hampshire
Indian Stream Republic

Last Updated Dec-2008

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At the end of a long winter, Indians had a way of hanging around begging for food. This was of no importance when the man was at home - providing the house contained adequate food - but the Indian who came while Abial was away had the audacity or hunger to demand food. Mrs. Holt tried to control her shaking hands while she cooked a meal for him. The silent Indian ate greedily and messily, then went away. Mrs. Holt thought he might tell his beggar friends in the woods about this lone girl who set such a good table. Suppose they arrived full of rum or potato whiskey? Abial returned at last and told her not to worry. She had done just right, except maybe for cooking so much, though the old folks said to feed the Indians hearty. Anyway these weren't dangerous Indians.
Abial was right. In the fall the Indian returned with a woven basket and gave it to Mrs. Holt.

Source: Indian Stream Republic
Daniel Doan, 1997

Ne-Do-Ba Comment - - - The Holt family arrived at Indian Stream about 1820.

... they had enlisted the help of a dozen Indians. Sheriff White did not express the contemptuous view of Indians common then to the north country men ... [c1836]

Source: Indian Stream Republic
Daniel Doan, 1997

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