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Lake George Region, New York

Last Updated Dec-2008

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John Camp, the Indian, met with a severe accident Monday morning [Monday, Dec. 4, 1882]. He had been down the lake hunting for some days; returning he landed his boat and took three loaded guns, one of them, a breech loader carrying a large ball, fell when he was passing through the gate house at the entrance to the Fort William Henry grounds, the muzzle struck near his foot, the hammer striking the floor with such force as to explode the cartridge, the ball passed through his rubber and three socks, tearing the flesh at the ball of his foot in a fearful manner, going in at one side and out at the other.

The cleaning out of the ragged wound, of the pieces of rubber and socks, was a tedious operation. This accident will cause suffering for want of provisions by the family unless the inhabitants attend to it and see that they are cared for.

Camp is a hard working man, and a large family are dependent on his labor for support. Besides his wife and children, he provides for his father-in-law, the aged chieftain, Watso, and daughter Mrs. Sophia Paul, who is 84 years old and takes care of the almost helpless parent.

Source: The Warrensburgh News
Lake George
Edition of Dec. 7, 1882

Ne-Do-Ba Comment - - - John Camp/Kemp was born abt. 1825 in the U.S.. He was the son of John Camp and Maria Benedict and grandson of Sabael Benedict. John married Suzanne Watso (born about 1821), daughter of Louis Degonzague Watso & Marie Eunice Agent. Sophia is daughter of Louis Degonzague Watso by his first wife, Marie Marguerite Taksus, and widow of Michel Denis Paul. All are Abenaki associated with the village of Odanak, St.Francois-du-lac PQ

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