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Arts, Crafts, and Skills

Last Updated 30-Jul-02

  • BIRCHBARK ART OF THE ALGONQUIN INDIANS. Frank Speck, Tacquan Publishing, 1999 reprint, 1-929025-06-8.
  • ABENAKI BASKETRY. Gaby Pelletier, National Museums of Canada, 1982, Canadian Ethnology Service Paper No. 85.
  • A WABANAKI GUIDE TO MAINE: A Visitors Guide to Native American Culture in Maine. Maine Indian Basketmakers Alliance, P.O. Box 3253, Old Town, ME 04468.
  • OUR LIVES IN OUR HANDS: Micmac Indian Basketmakers. Bunny McBride, Tilbury House Publishers, 1990, 0-88448-084-4.
  • BASKETS OF THE DAWNLAND PEOPLE. Produced by Title VII Bilingual Education Program, under direction of Joseph A. Nicholas.
  • THE HANDCRAFTS OF MODERN INDIANS OF MAINE. Fannie Hardy Eckstrom, Bulletin of the Robert Abbe Museum - Bar Harbor, 1932.
  • A KEY INTO THE LANGUAGE OF WOODSPLINT BASKETS. Edited by Ann McMullen & Russell Handsman, American Indian Archaeological Institute, 1987, 0-936322-04-7.
  • TRADING IDENTITIES; The Souvenir in Native North American Art From the Northeast, 1700-1900. Ruth B. Phillips, Unv. of Washington, 1998, 0-7735-1807-X.
  • LEGEND OF THE BUSHWHACKER BASKET., Martha Wetherbee & Nathan Taylor, 09609384-1-9.
  • INDIAN HANDCRAFTS: How to Craft Dozens of Practical Objects Using Traditional Indian Techniques. C. Keith Wilbur, Globe Pequot Press, 1990, 0-87106-496-0.
  • MICMAC & MALISEET DECORATIVE TRADTIONS. New Brunswick Museum, 1977, 0-919326-02-1
  • AUTHENTIC AMERICAN INDIAN BEADWORK and How To Do It. Pamela Stanley-Millner, Dover Publications, 1984, 0-486-24739-2. (Contains Woodland Designs)
  • PRIMITIVE TOOLS: Making and using them. John & Geri McPherson, Ag Press, 1994.
  • HOW TO MAKE PRIMITIVE POTTERY. Evard H. Gibby, Eagle's View Publishing, 1994, 0-943604-38-9.
  • INDIAN GAMES, TOYS, AND PASTIMES of Maine and the Maritimes. Edith Favor, Bulletin X of the Robert Abbe Museum - Bar Harbor, 1974
  • UNBROKEN CIRLES: Tradional Arts of Contemporary Woodland Peoples. Northeast Indian Quarterly.
  • INDIAN DOUBLE CURVE SECRETS: Eastern Woodlands Guide For Stencils. Tom Raven Ford - Editor, Audenreed Press, 1-879418-85-1
  • A WOODLAND FEAST: Native American Foodways of the 17th & 18th Centuries. Carolyn Raine, Penobscot Press, 1997, 0-89725-309-4
  • CLAMBAKE. Russell M. Peters, Lerner Publications.
  • ININATIG'S GIFT OF SUGAR: Tradional Native Sugarmaking. Laura Waterman Wittstock, Lerner Publications, 1993, 0-8225-9642-3.