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History & Culture

Last Updated 20-Jun-06

  • THE ST-FRANCIS ABENAKI PAPER TRAIL 1790-1900. Elaine Ricard, 2006 How to Order  COMMERCIAL SITE 
  • THE VOICE OF THE DAWN: An Autohistory of the Abenaki Nation. Frederick M. Wiseman, Univ. Press of New England, 2001, 1-58465-059-1
  • THE WABANAKIS OF MAINE AND THE MARITIMES: A resource book about Penobscot, Passamaquoddy, Maliseet, Micmac and Abenaki Indians - with lesson plans for grades 4 through 8. Maine Indian Program of American Friends Service Committee, 1989 (includes language record).  AFSC Website  COMMERCIAL SITE 
  • TWELVE THOUSAND YEARS: American Indians in Maine. Bruce J. Bourque, Unv. of Nebraska Press, 2001, 0-8032-1310-7
  • THE ABENAKI: Indians of North America Series. Colin G. Calloway, Chelsea House Publishers, 1989, 1-55546-687-7.
  • THE WESTERN ABENAKIS OF VERMONT, 1600-1800: War, Migration, and the Survival of an Indian People. Colin G. Calloway, University of Oklahoma Press, 1990, 0-8061-2274-9.
  • AFTER KING PHILIP'S WAR Presence and Persistence in Indian New England. ed. Colin Calloway, Unv. Press of New England, 1997, 0-87451-819-9.
  • THE ORIGINAL VERMONTERS: Native Inhabitants, Past and Present. William A. Haviland & Marjory W. Power, University Press of New England, 1994, 0-87451-667-6.
  • DAWNLAND ENCOUNTERS: Indians and Europeans in Northern New England. Colin G. Calloway, University Press of New England, 1991, 0-87451-594-7.
  • INDIAN NEW ENGLAND BEFORE THE MAYFLOWER Howard S. Russell, University Press of New England, 1980, 0-87451-162-3.
  • NATIVE NEW ENGLAND: The Long Journey. Charles T. Robinson, Covered Bridge Press, 1996, 0-924771-64-X
  • THE EMBATTLED NORTHEAST: The Elusive Ideal of Alliance in Abenaki-Euramerican Relations. Kenneth M. Morrison, University of California Berkeley Press, 1984, 0-520-05126-2.
  • MANITOU AND PROVIDENCE: Indians, Europeans, and the Making of New England, 1500-1643. Neal Salisbury, Oxford University Press, 1982, 0-19-503454-6.
  • CHANGES IN THE LAND: Indians, Colonists, and the Ecology of New England. William Cronon, Hill and Wang, 1983, 0-8090-0158-6.
  • ROOTED LIKE THE ASH TREES: New Enlgand Indians and the Land. Ed. Richard G. Carlson, Eagle Wing Press, 1987, 0-944140-00-9
  • DAWN OVER THE KENNEBEC. Mary R. Calvert, Monmouth Press, 1983, 0-9609914-3-3
  • BLACK ROBE ON THE KENNEBEC. Mary R. Calvert, Monmouth Press, 1991, 0-9609914-6-8.
  • THE OLD MAN TOLD US: Excerpts from Micmac History 1500-1950. Ruth Holmes Whitehead, Nimbus Publishing Ltd, 1991, 0-921054-83-1.
  • ELITEKEY - MICMAC MATERIAL CULTURE FROM 1600AD TO THE PRESENT. Ruth Holmes Whitehead, Nova Scotia Museum, 1980.
  • THE MI'KMAQ: Resistance, Accommodation, and Cultural Survival. Harald Prins, Harcourt Brace, 1996, 0-03-053427-5
  • THE NEW ENGLAND INDIANS: An Illustrated Source Book of Authentic Details About Everyday Indian Life. C. Keith Wilbur, Globe Pequot Press, 1978, 0-87106-004-3.
  • ALGONKIAN: Lifestyle of the New England Indians - Illustrated. Bob Eaton, One Reed Publ., 1998, 0-9628031-4-6
  • ALGONQUINS OF THE EAST COAST: The American Indians Series. Time-Life Books, 1995, 0-8094-9738-7.
  • ABOVE THE GRAVEL BAR: The Indian Canoe Routes of Maine. David S. Cook, Milo Printing Company, 1985.
  • THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION IN INDIAN COUNTRY: Crisis and Diversity in Native American Communities. Colin Calloway, Cambridge Univ. Press, 1995, 0-521-47569-4.
  • THE RED KING'S REBELLION: Racial Politics in New England 1675-1678. Russell Bourne, Oxford University Press, 1990, 0-689-12000-1.
  • PENOBSCOT MAN. Frank Speck, Unv. of ME reprint, 1997, 0-89101-092-1
  • NO WORD FOR TIME: The Way of the Algonquin People. Evan T. Pritchard, Council Oak Books, 1997, 1-57178-042-4
  • GLOOSKAP'S CHILDREN: Encounters with the Penobscot Indians of Maine. Peter Anastas, Beacon Press, 1973, 0-8070-0518-5
  • WAPAPI AKONUTOMAKONOL; The Wampum Records - Wabanaki Traditional Laws. Ed. Robert M. Leavitt and David A. Francis, Micmac-Maliseet Institute, 1990, 0-920114-34-2.
  • THE BATTLE ON SNOWSHOES. Bob Bearor, Heritage Books, 1997, 0-7884-0619-1
  • MI'KMAQ; Peoples of the Maritimes. Stephen A. Davis, Nimbus Publishing Ltd, 1997, 1-55109-180-1
  • L'SITKUK; The Story of the Bear River mi'kmaw Community. Darlene A. Ricker, Roseway Publ., 1997, 1-896496-05-9
  • IN SEARCH OF NEW ENGLAND'S NATIVE PAST; Selected Essays by Gordon M. Day. Edit. by Michael K. Foster & William Cowan, Univ. of MA Press, 1998, 1-55849-151-1
  • BEHIND THE FRONTIER:Indians in Eighteenth Century Eastern Massachusetts. Daniel R. Mandell, Unv. of Nebraska, 1996, 0-8032-8249-4
  • KING PHILIP'S WAR: Civil War in New England, 1675-1676. James D. Drake, 1999, Unv. of MASS, 1-55849-224-0
  • THE MOHICANS OF STOCKBRIDGE. Patrick Frazier, Unv. of Nebraska, 1992, 0-8032-6882-3.
  • THEIR BEARING IS NOBLE AND PROUD; A Collection of narritives regarding the appearance of Native Americans from 1740-1815. James O'Neil II, 1995
  • NINNUOCK (The People): The Algonkian People of New England. Steven F. Johnson, Bliss Pub., 1995, 0-9625144-2-X.
  • THE SKULKING WAY OF WAR; Technology and Tactics among the New Englnad Indians. Patrick M. Malone, Plymoth Plantation, 1991, 1-56833-165-7.
  • THE NATIVE AMERICAN PEOPLE OF THE EAST. Edited by James Axtell, Pendulum Press, 1973, 0-88301-067-4
  • ROCK DRAWINGS OF THE MICMAC INDIANS. Marion Robertson, Nova Scotia Museum, 1973.
  • THE INDENTITY OF THE SAINT FRANCIS INDIANS. Gordon M. Day, National Museum of Canada, 1981.
  • THE HISTORY OF ROGERS' RANGERS; Vol. 4 The St. Francis Raid. Burt Loescher, Heritage Books, 2002, 0-7884-2077-1
  • GODS OF WAR, GOODS OF PEACE; How the Meeting of Native and Colonial Religions Shaped Early America. Russell Bourne, Harcourt, 2002, 0-15-100501-X.
  • PICTURE ROCKS; American Indian Rock Art in the Northeast Woodlands. Edward J. Lenik, Unv. Press of New England, 2002, 1-58465-197-0.
  • THE SCALP HUNTERS; Abenaki Ambush at Lovewell Pond - 1725. Alfred E. Kayworth, Branden Books, 2002, 0-8283-2075-6.
  • GENTLEMEN & JESUITS; Glory and Adventure in the Early Days of Acadia. Elizabeth Jones, Nimbus Publishing, 2002, 1-55109-367-7.