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Stories & Legends

Last Updated 13-Feb-03

Stories and Legends

  • SIX MICMAC STORIES. Retold by Ruth Holmes Whitehead, Nova Scotia Museum/Nimbus Publishing, 1989, 0-919680-35-6. Audio cassette available.
  • STORIES FROM THE SIX WORLDS: Micmac Legends. Ruth Holmes Whitehead, Nimbus Publishing Ltd, 1988.
  • WHEN THE CHENOO HOWLS; Native American Tales of Terror. Joseph & James Bruchac, Walker & Company, 1998, 0-8027-7576-4.
  • THE FAITHFUL HUNTER and other Abenaki Stories. Told by Joseph Bruchac, Greenfield Review Press, 1988, 0-912678-75-5.
  • THE WIND EAGLE and other Abenaki Stories, Told by Joseph Bruchac, Bowman Books, 1985, 0-912678-64-X.
  • GLUSKABE AND THE FOUR WISHES. Told by Joseph Bruchac, Cobblehill Books.
  • NATIVE AMERICAN ANIMAL STORIES. Told by Joseph Bruchac, Fulcrum Publishing, 1992, 1-55591-127-7.
  • NATIVE AMERICAN STORIES. Told by Joseph Bruchac, Fulcrum Publishing, 1-55591-094-7.
  • RETURN OF THE SUN: Native American Tales From The Northeast Woodlands, by Joseph Bruchac, The Crossing Press, 1990, 0-89594-343-3.
  • THE GIRL WHO MARRIED THE MOON; Tales from Native North America. Told by Joseph Bruchac & Gayle Ross, Troll Medallion, 1994, 0-8167-3481-X.
  • GIANTS OF THE DAWNLAND: Ancient Wabanaki Tales, collected by Alice Mead and Arnold Neptune, Loose Cannon Press, 1996, 1-888-034-01-7.
  • LEGENDS IN STONE, BONE, AND WOOD. Tsonakwa & Yolaikia, Arts & Learning Center Foundation, 1986, 0-938541-03-X.
  • WELCOME THE CARIBOU MAN. Tsonakwa & Yolaikia, San Diego Museum of Man, 1992, 0-937808-55-5.
  • Seven Eyes Seven Legs: Supernatural Stories of the Abenaki. Tsonakwa & Yolaikia, Kiva Publishing, 2001, 1-885772-25-4
  • GLUSKAP THE LIAR & Other Indian Tales. Horace P. Beck, Bond Wheelweight, 1966.
  • RED EARTH: Tales of the Micmacs with an introduction to the customs and beliefs of the Micmac Indians. Marion Robertson, Nova Scotia Museum, 1969.
  • PASSAMAQUODDY LEGENDS: When Koluskap Left The Earth & Koluskap And His Relitives Loon Wind. Wabnaki Bilingual Educational Program, 1976. (bilingual)
  • SPIRIT OF THE NEW ENGLAND TRIBES: Indian History and Folklore, 1620-1984. William S. Simmons, University Press of New England, 1986, 0-87451-372-3.
  • ALGONQUIN LEGENDS. Charles G. Leland, Dover Publications, 1992, 0-486-26944-2.