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Miscellaneous Resources

Last Updated 01/30/2000

Captivity Stories

  • NORTH COUNTRY CAPTIVES: Selected Narratives of Indian Captivity from Vermont and New Hampshire. Colin G. Calloway, University Press of New England, 1992, 0-87451-582-3.
  • CAPTURED BY THE INDIANS: 15 Firsthand Accounts, 1750-1870. Edited by Frederick Drimmer, Dover Publications, 1961, 0-486-24901-8.
  • NEW ENGLAND CAPTIVES CARRIED TO CANADA; Between 1677 and 1760 During the French and Indian Wars - 2 volumns. Emma Lewis Coleman, reprint of orginal 1925, Heritage Books, 1989. 1-55613-250-6, 1-55613-257-3.
  • THE UNREDEEMED CAPTIVE; A Family Story from Early America. John Demos, Alfred Knopf, 1994, 0-394-55782-4.
  • ABENAKI CAPTIVE. Muriel L. Dubois, Carolrhoda Books, 1994. 0-87614-601-9

Language and Place Names

  • WESTERN ABENAKI DICTIONARY; Volume 1: Abenaki-English. Gordon M. Day, Canadian Museum of Civilization, 1995, 0-660-14024-1
  • WESTERN ABENAKI DICTIONARY; Volume 2: English-Abenaki. Gordon M. Day, Canadian Museum of Civilization, 1995, 0-660-14030-6
  • ABENAKI INDIAN LEGENDS, GRAMMAR, AND PLACE NAMES. Henry Lorne Masta, Editor La Voix des Bois-Francs, 1932.
  • NATIVE NAMES OF NEW ENGLAND TOWNS AND VILLAGES: Translating 145 Names Derived from Native American Words. C. Lawrence Bond, 1991.
  • INDIAN PLACE-NAMES OF THE PENOBSCOT VALLEY AND THE MAINE COAST. Fannie Hardy Eckstrom, University of Maine Orono Press, 1978.
  • INDIAN PLACE NAMES OF NEW ENGLAND. John C. Huden, Museum of the American Indian Heye Foundation, 1962.
  • KOLUSUWAKONOL: Philip S. LeSourd's Passamaquoddy-Maliseet and English Dictionary. Pleasant Point, Passamaquoddy-Maliseet Bilingual Program, 1986.


  • ABENAKI WARRIOR; The Life and Times of Chief Escumbuit, Big Island Pond 1665-1727, French Hero! British Monster! Indian Patriot!. Alfred E. Kayworth, Branden Publishing, 1998, 0-8283-2032-2
  • MOLLYOCKETT. Pat Stewart, Twin Lights Publishers, 2003, 1-8854535-43-6
  • TWO FEATHERS; Spiritual Seed Planter. Keven Laughing Hawk, Seven Coin Press, 2003, 0-9700974-6-8.
  • ANOQCOU: Ceremory is Life Itself. Gkisedtanamoogk & Francis Hancock, Astarte Shell Press, 1993, 0-9624626-6-7.
  • WHEN GRANDMOTHER DECIDES TO DIE Poetry by Robert Chute, Blackberry Books, 1989, 0-942396-58-8.
  • ABORIGINALLY YOURS; Chief Henry Red Eagle. Edited by Eleanor Williamson, Juana Perley, and Madalene Burnham, Moosehead Communications, 1997, 1-890454-01-X
  • THE MAINE WOODS. Henry David Thoreau.
  • DAWNLAND: A Novel by Joseph Bruchac. Joseph Bruchac, Fulcrum Publishing, 1993, 1-55591-134-X.
  • LONG RIVER: A Novel by Joseph Bruchac. Joseph Bruchac, Fulcrum Publishing, 1996.
  • THE WATERS BETWEEN: A Novel of the Dawn Land. Joseph Bruchac, Unv. Press of New England, 1998, 0-87451-881-4.
  • THE INDIANS OF MAINE: A Bibliographic Guide. Compiled by Roger B. Ray, Maine Historical Society, 1972 (4th edition).
  • INDIAN AMERICA: A Traveler's Companion. Eagle/Walking Turtle, John Muir Publications, 1991, 0-945465-91-2.
  • NEW WORLDS FOR ALL Indians, Europeans, and the Remaking of Early America. Colin Calloway, Johns Hopkins Unv. Press, 1997, 0-8018-5448-2.
  • MANITOU: The Sacred Landscape of New England's Native Civilization. James Movor Jr & Byron Dix, Inner Traditions International, 1989, 0-89281-078-5.