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Legends of The Great Falls

Last Updated Dec-2008


Part 1 - Prof. Douglas Hodgkin researched & published three versions of a old Indian legend about the Great Falls of the Androscoggin River in the February 1999 Newsletter of the Androscoggin Historical Society. That article is reproduced here.

Part 2 - Ne-Do-Ba had also been collecting legends of the same nature, but to our surprise, we had different versions of the legend. We decided to offer our versions of the legend to the Historical Society for their newsletter. Their second article is reproduced here.

Part 3 - As time goes on, we discover more versions of the Legends and publish them here.

Part 4 - Ne-Do-Ba also provided our analysis of these legends to the Historical Society. This analysis has been updated to account for the newer versions found after it's original publication by the Historical Society.

We hope you enjoy this series of articles and revisit the pages every now and then - we may find more in the future!