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Dawnland Time Line - 1600 to 1674

Last Updated Dec-2008

Period Summary - The Wabanaki & Europeans share knowledge and compete for resources. European diseases spread throughout the Dawnland.

"They are astonished and often complain that, since the French mingle with them and carry on trade with them, they are dying fast, and the population is thinning out" - Father Biard

A Table of Events Affecting Wabanaki People
for the period 1600 to 1674
with links to additional information
Date Event Location Notes More
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1605 Capt. Weymouth kidnaps 5 Abenaki Coast of Maine    
1605 French Settlement Port Royal, NS    
1607 English Settlement Popham ME abandoned following year  
1615 Hostility between Mi'kmaq & Abenaki Gulf of Maine    
1616-1619 Epidemic Northeast "The Great Dying" estimated 70-90% of the Native population die from European disease  
1620-30 European Settlement Begins Gulf of Maine    
1629 Trading Houses Established Cushnoc & Penobscot Bay    
1633 Smallpox Epidemic Northeast John Oldham travels to upper Conn. River - smallpox breaks out there shortly after and spreads throughout the land  
1646 Expedition ME & NH Darby Field travels up the Saco River, the first known white man to visited Pigwacket Village & Mt. Washington  
1646 Epidemic Maine outbreak among Maine Abenaki of "Bloody Vomiting"  
1650-60's Iroquois Raids on Wabanaki Maine    
16660s Land Sale ME & NH Natives deed lands on Ossipee River to white men  
1669 Smallpox Epidemic St. Lawrence River Canada    
abt 1671 Jean Crevier settles Odanak Region Quebec Canada Abenaki trade with him