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Dawnland Time Line - 1675 to 1678
King Phillips War

Last Updated Dec-2008

Period Summary - This war was an English/Indian war with no counterpart in Europe. It was the first of many to affect the Wabanaki People. The war actually consisted of two parts. The first part was waged in southern New England against tribes of that region and the second part was between the Wabanaki and the settlers of ME & NH. This second part continued long after Philip had been killed in the south. Many Native People were rounded up, leaders were hanged, and many others sold into slavery to help pay the cost of the war. The action in southern New England created refugees from those tribes, who fled in many directions to escape the war. Many of those refugees came to the Abenaki in ME & NH seeking safety with their northern relatives. The Wabanaki began moving their families deeper into the forests and to new villages established in Quebec. During this period all of the English settlements in Maine were abandoned, most fleeing to family and friends in the Boston region.

A Table of Events Affecting Wabanaki People
for the period of King Phillip's War, 1675 to 1678
with links to additional information
Date Event Location Notes More
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1675, fall Raid on Thomas Purchase's trading house Androscoggin River, current day Brunswick ME Mr. Purchase's family was one of the first in Maine to be affected by hostilities. Some Androscoggin warriors fed up with Purchase's outrageous trading practices paid him a visit. The men folk were away at the time of the raid. The women were not molested, but the house was ransacked and trade goods were carried away. The warriors left a message - others will follow and not treat you so kindly. Mr. Purchase moved his family to Boston.  
1675-1676, winter Epidemic New England "strange diseases" break out in Native populations  
1676, Jun.15 Order Boston MA certain Indians be brought in to Cocheco (Dover NH) by Wannalancet and other Sachems so that they may be employed in the public service  
1676, Jul.3, 1676 Treaty Dover NH with Wannalancet and other Sagamores  
1676, Oct.13 Order Boston MA 16 Indians be enlisted and equipped for service as scouts in the woods around Kittery, York, etc., under Maj. Waldron  
1676 Abenaki Migrations Begin Sillery, Tadoussac, & Quebec    
1676 Mogg's Treaty Maine English vs Abenaki
not accepted by most tribes
1677, Jul.1 Letter ME from Moxes and others declaring that they desire to live in peace with the English, that they have taken good care of the prisoners and that they would like to trade as formerly  
1678 Treaty of Casco Maine Wabanaki sovereignty recognized and English agreed to pay rent for their lands