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Dawnland Time Line - 1679 to 1687

Last Updated Dec-2008

Period Summary - With King Philip's War at an end, New Englanders return to the charred remains of their prior homesteads along the Maine Coast to rebuild. Far away from the seat of government in Massachusetts, many Maine settlers find it easy to ignore the laws and continue to cause problems with their Wabanaki neighbors.

A Table of Events Affecting Wabanaki People
for the period 1679 to 1687
with links to additional information
Date Event Location Notes Links
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1681, Apr.10 Petition NH for compensation for the swine killed by the Mohawks when they came to Wamesit [Concord NH] and killed the Indians there  
1684 New Treaty with English Maine    
1684 Smallpox Epidemic Odanak Village Quebec  
1685 New Treaty with English Maine