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Dawnland Time Line - 1728 to 1743

Last Updated Dec-2008

Period Summary - One of the longest periods of Peace between the Wabanaki and the English during the Colonial Period. The English begin new settlements inland and many white children grow up as friends of Wabanaki children. Once again, the Wabanaki and English are sharing their knowledge and resources.

A Table of Events Affecting Wabanaki People
for the period 1728 to 1743
with links to additional information
Date Event Location Notes More
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1728 Wedding Kennebunk ME Indians & Settlers celebrate together, the bride was white & brides-maid an Abenaki
1728, Jan.1-2 Proposal ME A proposal from John Gyles to compensate Francis Xavier (Indian), for the gifts he sent to the Arresaguntacooks [St. Francis]
1730 Smallpox Epidemic Missisquoi VT village was temporarily abandoned
1730, Jan.30 Visit Fort Richmond ME several Androscoggin came to inquire about the conference at Pemaquid  
1736, May 20 Bill Brunswick ME for treating the Indians with pipes, tobacco, etc., is on an account rendered by Capt. Benjamin Larrabee
1740, Jul.11 Captain John Storer's journal ME notes the Arrosecuntocooks [St. Francis] had received gifts of wampum from the French and have "taken up the hatchet" against the English, but have failed to persuade the Penobscots to do likewise  
1741, Mar Journal of Walter Bryant NH/ME Indians are mentioned in entries between March 13-27, 1741, while surveying a line between NH and ME  
1741, Sep.15 Report ME Capt. John Gyles believes the Kennebec Indians might send delegates to Boston; he suggests that Capt. Bean accompany them