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Dawnland Time Line - 1744 to 1750
King George's War

Last Updated Dec-2008

Period Summary - This war had a European component. The French continue to supply Wabanaki with war materials and support the warriors families at Canadian mission villages.

A Table of Events Affecting Wabanaki People
for the period 1744 to 1750
with links to additional information
Date Event Location Notes More
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1747, April Document Westmoreland on the Connecticut River Abenaki warriors take over Fort #2 and send a letter to the English
1748 Treaty of Aix la Chapelle Europe English vs French  
1749, Oct.16 Treaty Falmouth ME English vs Wabanaki
ratified in Maine 1752, 1753, 1754
1749 Murder Wiscasset ME Obadiah Albee Jr., Samuel Ball and Benjamin Ledite murder an Abenaki man soon after the declaration of peace.  
1750, May 15 Document Northeast New England assures the governor of Quebec, the Pigwacket and Abenaki Indians are not being forced to remain near the English settlements, but some have volunteered to fight with the English at Louisburg  
1750, Jun.9 Document Maine reference is made to the Androscoggin being almost extinct, a union of the Pigwacket and Androscoggins, and an Androscoggin wounded by some men charged with murder  
1750, Jul.6 Messenger Sent ME inviting the Norridgewock and Arresaguntacook [St.Francis] Indians to be present at a trial of a man accused of killing Wiscasset Indians  
1750, Fall Raid Gorham ME Indians carried away or killed a young man at New Marblehead  
1750, Oct.30 Letter St. George Sebauoodett states that he will interview the Arssaguntacook Indians and will report the results