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Dawnland Time Line - 1821 to 1865

Last Updated Dec-2008

Period Summary - With the loss of their French allies in Canada, the Wabanaki People struggle to fit in the new world around them.

A Table of Events Affecting Wabanaki People
for the period 1821 to 1860
with links to additional information
Date Event Location Notes More
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1822 Census Quebec  
1826 Indian Agents Maine Samuel Hussey of Portland
Samuel Call of Bangor
Peter Goulding of Perry
1829 Assistance Inverness, Quebec Local Abenaki feed hungry Scotch settlers  
1830-1860 John Johnson grows up Indian Northeast  
1830s & 1840s Encampments Lowell MA Numerous sources tell us of Penobscot basket makers visiting the area
1834/35 Encampment Windsor, VT Abenaki spend the winter
1837 Watso family band visits Deerfield MA  
1831 Census Quebec  
1841 Census Quebec  
1843 Census Quebec  
1844 Census Quebec  
1845 Census Quebec  
1847 death of Metallic Stewartstown, NH  
c1848 A visit with Sabael Benedict Indian Lake NY  
c1848 Frank Loring puts a show together ME & MA  
1850 Census Quebec  
1851 Census Quebec  
1852 Census Quebec  
1853 Expansion Coleraine, Quebec The Abenaki of B袡ncour are granted additional Reserve lands at Little Lake St-Francis  
c1853 Public House refuses to serve Indians Albion, ME  
c1853 Indians refused shelter in storm Albion, ME
China, ME
c1854 going to school Indian Island, Oldtown ME  
c1855 Indian Doctors MA  
1855 Basket Makers Sharon Springs, NY  
1858 Census Maine Penobscot